D-BAD: Social Media Trolls

D-BAD aka DON’T BE A DOUCHE.  Each week I get to call out someone/ someplace or something for being a total DOUCHEBAG.  Its when I get to vent and take out my frustration on whatever makes me nuts each week, are you in?  Feel free to share your D-BAD’S anytime!

Dear Social Media Trolls:

Way to go for trolling on a poor, grieving woman’s social media pages and sending her photoshopped negative images of her recently deceased father.  I’m sure it must give you such a feeling of satisfaction knowing that an already devastated human being is even more unimaginably broken by your actions.  Good for you!

No, not good for you, you little weasel.  How small of a human being do you have to be to treat someone with such utter hatred and disrespect?  Just because her father was a beloved public figure who suffered from a terrible illness, doesn’t give you the right to make what must be her most hellish days even worse.

Someone should kick you hard and square in your “bathing suit” area and knock you in the head to try and put some sense in there.  Or better yet, when you experience your darkest day someone should mock and belittle your tragedy.  Maybe then and only then can you know what true suffering looks like and why as a real true member of the human race, your actions on this day are so deplorable.

Love (because you must really need it),

The R&R Mom and probably every other human being on this planet with any sense of decency at all.

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