What Do You Do?

A common question.  When we meet someone new, we ask the question “What do you do?” Its interesting phrasing, isn’t it?  I “do” lots of things.  But the reality is that this question is a perfect fit for me.  What I do for a living is an integral part of who I am and what I do.  My job is a lifestyle choice as much as a career choice.

Where it gets tricky is actually explaining what I do.  My Mom likes to explain it as “She’s so-and-so’s people.”  As in “have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch.”  That’s close, but I prefer to use the hub of the wheel analogy.

I am a manager.  I work with international recording artists, managing all aspects of their career.  If you place the artist in the centre of the wheel, the manager is the hubcap surrounding them and the spokes that feed into the hub are the other aspects of their career – touring, recording, label, publishing, endorsements etc.

Artists work around the clock, which means I do too.  Artists travel a lot, which means I do too.

I’m also a Mom.  See above and replace “manager” with the word “mom” and replace the spokes of the wheel with;  school, playmates, doctors, lessons etc.

Kids need attention around the clock, but the good news is that kids don’t travel that much on their own.

I guess being a manager is good training ground for being a mom.  The Momager handle is a reference to that and NOT some f^&%ed up Hollywood Stage Parent.  (I won’t mention them by name, they don’t need any additional SEO assistance.)

So that’s me, in a nutshell (“how do I get out of this nutshell?” – sorry couldn’t resist the Austin Powers reference).  I felt like it was important to share all that with you so you get the context of this blog and my just ok juggling skills.

So. What do YOU do?

PS – My Mom said I need to put some sex in the blog to keep people interested.  SOME SEX.  There you go Mom.  Hopefully that helps my SEO!

2 thoughts on “What Do You Do?

  1. I do: Feeling Proud
    I Love this blog Mary
    You never cease to Amaze Me
    Cheers Mom to SOME SEX
    xo T

  2. Great blog! (Get Him to the Greek? or get them to the park?) I do agree with your mom, can’t be rockandroll without at least some sex.

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