My Summer Playlist

vectorstock_1306020So here’s the deal.  As The Rock and Roll Mom, I figure that I should blog about music.  The trouble is, I’m not a music critic. I can’t do it,  hate the thought of it.  Its pretty much in complete opposition to who I am as a manager where my base instinct is to serve and protect.  So while I won’t be critical, I will let you know what I can’t stop listening to right now.  I’ll also give you a glimpse into what our Family A&R Woman (aka Shorty #1) is also into this summer.

LORDE – Lord, I f%^&ing LOVE Lorde.  She’s 16, she’s from New Zealand and she is kicking some ass.  I love ROYALS, J loves ROYALS, my boss loves ROYALS, Shorty #1 loves ROYALS.  I love Royals so much I kinda want to marry it.

DAFT PUNK – Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard GET LUCKY.  Its the hit of the summer and there’s a reason for that.  Its really catchy and fun.  I’ve been a Daft Punk fan for years thanks in part to their great Spike Jonze music videos – but they have seriously maintained relevancy on the pop music scene with Random Access Memories and to be honest (nerd alert) I think that the marketing plan for this album’s release should be a case study on how it should be done.  From launching Get Lucky at Coachella to the full-streaming of the album a week prior to release, its SMART!  PS – Pharrell Williams is kinda awesome too.  Shorty #1 says “I like the Robot who sings on this song.”

JAKE BUGG – Some might think he’s Baby Bob Dylan, but I like to think he’s taking a bit of a risk and is making some fun music that sounds a little bit like music people made in the 60s.  Lightning Bolt is great!  Shorty #1 rolls down the windows when this song comes on in the car.

ALT J – My J (no way affiliated with Alt J) discovered this band and turned me on to them.  I like that they are also taking risks and are making pretty eclectic music that’s being embraced by mainstream radio.  Yay for Alt J.  Oh yeah and BREEZEBLOCKS is bad ass!

WAKE OWL – Ok they are local, one of my colleagues is the manager, another colleague produced their first album so maybe I’m a little biased.  BUT WILD COUNTRY is beautiful.  So go buy* it.  Right now.  What are you waiting for?  Go now.

* – I still buy music.  Its a self-preservation tactic I suppose.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ROOTS – this record comes out Sept 17, but I’ve had a sneak peak here and there.  The first single from Wise Up Ghost is called WALK US UPTOWN.  This is a whole new side of Elvis Costello and it is super groovy, so mark your calendar!

And there you have it – some of my new favorite things to listen to this summer.  I hope you don’t mind my completely narcissistic viewpoint on what’s on the playlist at our house these days.

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