Ode to a Boot

Roses are red

My boots are black

I love my Fryes

More than my flats


I was messing around online and stumbled across this post on Vogue.com and it made me think about just how much I love my Frye Harness motorcycle boots.  I picked them up 9 years ago in the heat of August at a Nordstrom annual summer sale.  They are a little battered and beaten but still comfortable as hell.  The scuffs and scrapes only add character to these beauties.  They look great with jeans, with a little dress, anything goes.  Really, what’s not to love…

…Except that they are heavy as hell.  I wore them when I was pregnant and nearly went into labor.  I remember stopping in the mall and sitting on a bench with contractions.  I went home, took the boots off and laid down and the contractions went away – so you can be a slave to fashion even in your third trimester.

The truth is that Frye makes great boots.  They are solid and they hold up well to the shit-kicking I put them through including several rainy Pacific Northwest winters.  They are not cheap, but when you factor in how many seasons you can pull out of them, the amortized rate makes them a bargain.

In addition to the Harness, that I love so much – Frye make other super cute styles.  I have a pair of the Melissa Button riding boots that I bought almost 5 years ago.  I still wear them every fall/ winter.  They never go out of style.  Unlike the Harness, I have had to have them re-soled, but that was worth every penny as they are still in great shape.  The more you wear a pair of Fryes, the more comfortable they get.  The more beat up they are, the cooler they look.

Trust me – they’re worth the money.  And they didn’t pay me a dime (or a boot) to say so!

I Shop, Therefore I Am…

What can I say.  I love to shop.  Always have, probably always will.

It’s definitely genetic.  I started at a young age, following my Mom and Aunties around discount stores and outlet malls on illicit cross-border shopping trips.  Buying up hordes of clothes at rock bottom prices, then carrying all the bags into the Denny’s bathroom on the I-75 to try and wear EVERYTHING back across the border in an effort to avoid duty charges.  I have this clear memory – I was about 12.  My mom wearing some Wham! knock-off sweatshirt that I bought, my aunt layered in 4 brand new leotards for her aerobics classes and me in a skirt with a pair of pants rolled up underneath.  Scuffing the brand new shoes all the way to the car, the old ones long discarded in the Denny’s bathroom trash. The real moment of terror was when my sister noticed the pants rolling down under my skirt.

Shorty #1 in NYC with her Grandma - note the bags piled on the back of the stroller!

Shorty #1 in NYC with her Grandma – note the bags piled on the back of the stroller!

We loved new clothes and nothing was stopping us from getting them.  (Sh&# – I hope there’s a statue of limitations on smuggling seconds, overruns and deeply discounted clothes).

My smuggling days are long past now.  I always declare what I buy.  But I still LOVE to shop.  When I’m on the road, shopping is my favourite way to see a new city.  I hate sitting around a hotel room, so if I have a window of time to head to the shops, I take it.

I don’t have a particular fetish per se.  It isn’t just shoes I lust after.  It’s everything… with one tiny condition.  It has to be on sale.  Yes, my training as a professional shopper was ingrained with “you must get a deal”.  So now, I may fall in love with the beautiful pair of Frye boots in the window, but if they are full price I have to walk away OR find them on sale some way, some how.  Which has lead me to… the internet.  I never dreamt that online shopping could be so fruitful.

Yes, I am now on the mailing list for many online shops.  My gmail inbox fills every morning with notices of discounts, special offers and warehouse sales.  I lovingly sift through them looking for my favourite brands for me and the girls.  Hoping to see those Frye boots discounted even just a little.  Its so fun – the shopping is coming to me.  I can shop from the comfort of my bed, coffee in hand.  When the UPS man delivers that beautiful parcel, I can try the clothes on in the privacy of my own home (and lighting!).  I don’t need to worry about wearing my fancy underwear in case the sales lady walks in the fitting room – I’m in my own bedroom for pete’s sake.  Every now and again it doesn’t work and I have to ship the items back.  But for now, I’m kind of into you online shopping.

PS – in case you’re wondering and because they are AWESOME.  My favourite online shop is http://www.eluxe.ca